Moving Through it by Anonymous

Dance saved me. 

Learning to show up 

for myself  

I found growth, love and confidence 

Dance released me. 

Gave me a vehicle for expression,

allowed emotion to leave my body 

through movement, laughter and challenge 

Dance connected me.

To myself, to a greater community 

To a network of body acceptance, encouragement and support.

Broken Crayons Still Colour by nonymous

From seeing a therapist in and out of my life, I knew after every session - I would have to continue the therapy on my own. Like, what would I have to do when I’m having those days when I’m in a funk. So for me - I would colour. Since I was a child, I’ve always loved colouring. I loved how I can colour whatever was in the picture any colour I wanted. The sky doesn’t have to be blue, the trees don’t have to be green, the sidewalk doesn’t need to be grey and the wood doesn’t need to be brown. The way I see colouring is that I can make the picture be a ray of all kinds of colours and I’m not wrong for colouring it that way because that’s how I want it to be - no one else. It feels like I’m colouring my own world and the concentration and relaxation soothes me. I’m full of giggles and I feel joy. Colouring is my therapy

My Art of Healing by Kristen @krisst3n

I flow like rivers, sparkling.

Swaying like grass in the wind, surrendering.

Rising as the sun, radiating light.

Twirling like smoke, my inner fiery passion, taken to new height.

Heart soaring as high as eagles, feeling free.

A wild wombyn, I am me.

And dance is my form of therapy

I've casually joked that my late 20's were a time where I realized how many "problems" I had and my early 30's- right now- is where I find I'm doing the work to live with it. That's also totally real and to make those connections with yourself can be like lightning shock. My biggest breakthrough is the knowledge you gain when you make sense of it all. Like connect-the-dots, you can see the whole picture. An ability to move on and an understanding that you can progress. I want to be better but I also want to keep being better. The important thing I found with therapy though is that if it doesn't work the first time, try again, or try something new and be kind to yourself. 

by anonymous

When the senses harmonize in the moment, serenity awakes: to see - a space illuminated by the soft glow of fairy lights; to smell - smokes of lavender and honey swirling from the wick; to taste - the effervescent sweetness of sparkling wine; to touch - fluffy socks and a blanket to warm, and to hear - the soft crackle of the vinyl, as it croons mellow tunes of jazz. An introspective episode with a journal in hand… this is #howiwellness, what self-care means to me.

by Thia @thiaxmusic

Therapy was an entire bottle of anything, any old pack of cigarettes, and sleeping anywhere but home. Therapy became 4000 miles away and $200 a week and turned into unrequited love and being the therapy of others. Then came 3000 more miles and someone else’s prescriptions. Therapy was backtracking those 3000 miles adding 600 to be with the one that understood. Therapy is the understanding and warmth from the few that listen.

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